1 Year Flying Anniversary

Monday, October 10, 2011
by asalvo

Yesterday, October 9th marked my one year anniversary for flying, and it just so happened that I got to go up flying, although I didn’t realize the significance of the day at the time. In the last year I have obtained my Private Pilot’s license and logged 68.9 hours of total flight time, including 34.8 hours of Pilot in Command (PIC) and 21.6 hours of Cross Country.

Yesterday's flight was more on a whim then anything. My wife had driven up with her parents to visit some friends in Sheboygan Falls (KSBM) and I decided to fly up later in the afternoon to join them, and then fly my wife back. Thinking back to how nervous I was when I first started flying and too my first solo cross country flights I can really say that I have come a long way.

My wife has come a long way too. Last night was her first night flight, and to her, it was just like riding in a car. No, actually it was better, as she remarked several times how beautiful it was to look down on all the lights.

Here is to another year of safe and fun flying for not only me, but all aviators.


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