TFS 2010 Default Iteration and Area for Burn Down Report

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
by asalvo

In TFS 2010, one of the key reports is the burn down report. This report shows up on the home page of the project portal (SharePoint) and is also available as a standard report. In reality, it’s actually two separate reports, one is under the Project Management folder, the other in the dashboards folder.

In order to keep from having to re-enter the current iteration data, and so the burn down chart on the project portal reflects the current iteration, you need to update the default parameters. The tricky part is, the iteration and area data is pulled from Analysis Services and finding the value or id for a specific iteration or area was not easy for me the first time.

  • Using Sql Server Management Studio, connect to the TFS Analysis Services Server.
  • Expand the databases node and right click on Tfs_Analysis and click new query, mdx
  • Select Work Item from the Cube drop down
  • Drill down to Work ItemWork Item.Iteration HierarchyIteration#, where # is the depth of the iteration you are looking for. Iteration0 is the project level iteration. Since our iterations are structured as ProjectReleaseIteration 1-n, I selected the Iteration2 node to find my iteration name “Iteration 2”.
  • Drag and drop the iteration you are looking for into the query window. This will give you something like: [Work Item].[Iteration Hierarchy].[Iteration2].&[5051278939187782728]&[-6074279628322632998]
  • Copy and paste that into the default parameter value in Sql Server Reporting Services.
  • You will also want to update the iteration start and end date.


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