Virtual Com Ports and Redirection

Friday, January 22, 2010
by asalvo

From time to time I have a need for a virtual com port, com port splitter, com port redirector (local and tcp),but most solutions I have found cost too much money. I’ve been able to get by using the named pipes redirection in Hyper-V for some of my projects. Yesterday I came across VSPE by Eterlogic, which offers every feature you could possible need, for FREE! There is a catch though, the 64-bit support costs $24.95, which they say is to cover the cost of the digital signing certificate required to sign their drivers for 64-bit Windows versions. I was able to try the software out on a 32 bit workstation, and it works as advertised. The next time I need something like this, and I’m developing on a 64-bit work station, I will not hesitate to purchase a license, even if it’s just for my home projects.


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